5 Free Fundraising E-Books that Will Help Your Non-Profit Raise More Money


There are two things that are true of almost every non-profit organization:

First, they need to raise more money.

Second, they don’t have enough resources for fundraising.

Nearly every non-profit I have ever come across wants to raise lots more money to be able to accomplish more good in the world… yet most of those organizations don’t have the time, money, or bandwidth to do everything they want to do when it comes to fundraising.

The good news is that there are lots of free resources available to non-profits to help them learn how to dramatically increase their fundraising.

Today, I want to share with you five free fundraising e-books from non-profit leaders I trust.  These five e-books will help you raise more money, with less hassle.  All you need to do is download them, read them, and get started!  Of course, there is a catch… many of these require you to join the author’s free newsletter list in order to receive the book.  Don’t worry – you can unsubscribe to them at any time.

Here are the books, in no particular order:

Starting a Successful Major Gift Program by Veritus Group

This whitepaper will help you learn the basics of setting up a strong major donor program for your non-profit.

25 Metaphors Non-Profits Can Use to Get Their Messages Across by Kivi Leroux Miller

Great list of 25 ways your non-profit can use metaphors to engage with donors, plus a list of 12 to avoid.

Simple Things You’re Not Doing to Raise More Money by Amy Eisenstein

A good reminder of some simple, low-cost things your non-profit can be doing to raise more.  Also comes with a bonus ebook.

21 Ways for Board Members to Engage in Fundraising by Marc Pitman

Look on the right hand sidebar of Marc’s site to get your copy of this ebook, which will show you how lots of different ways to get your board involved in fundraising.

10 Great Ways to Find New Donors for Your Non-Profit by Joe Garecht

Of course, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of my own free book, which will teach you how to easily find and engage new donor prospects for your organization.

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