The Best Fundraising Blogs of 2017

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There are thousands of blogs and websites out there dealing with non-profit fundraising.  Every week, I get e-mails about new fundraising sites run by consultants, non-profits, universities, companies and trade associations.  It can be hard for fundraisers to keep up, and difficult to know which sites are worth reading on a regular basis.

Our goal here at The Non-Profit Fundraising Digest is to make sure that you have all of the information you need to successfully raise funds for your non-profit.  As part of that mission, we are proud to present our list of the best fundraising blogs of 2017.  Each of these blogs and websites were handpicked by our editors because they are sites we trust… run by people we trust… and each is chock full of fundraising strategy, tactics and tips that you can use at your organization.

The list below is presented in no particular order – we are proud to feature articles from each and every one of these blogs on The Fundraising Digest frontpage on a regular basis:

Fired Up Fundraising – Fundraising ideas and tips with a special focus on major donors and capital campaigns.

Asking Matters – Learn how to make better fundraising asks.

Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration – Tons of sample fundraising materials and case studies.

Clairification – Donor retention, stewardship, annual giving, online fundraising, content marketing and more.

Not Your Father’s Charity – General fundraising advice with a twist.

Wild Apricot – Fundraising tips with a special focus on membership organizations.

TechSoup – Technology news and tips for non-profit fundraisers.

Selfish Giving – How to raise money with businesses through cause marketing.

The Non-Profit Times – Non-profit industry news and updates.

JustGiving – General fundraising tips from various non-profit authors.

CauseVox – Fundraising ideas and strategies with a focus on online giving and non-profit crowdfunding.

The Fundraising Coach – Best practices and ideas for non-profit fundraising.

101 Fundraising – Crowdsourced fundraising tips from around the world.

Pamela Grow – Strategy and tips for small fundraising shops.

GuideStar Blog – Fundraising tips and ideas with a touch of industry news.

Wild Woman Fundraising – General fundraising strategy plus tips for advancing your non-profit career.

Tom Ahern – Writing and messaging strategy for non-profit fundraising.

The Fundraising Authority – Fundraising strategy and ideas for non-profits of all sizes.

Getting Attention – Effective marketing for non-profit organizations.

npEngage – News and resources for non-profit fundraisers.

Kivi’s Non-Profit Communications Blog – Better donor communications for non-profit organizations.

Bloomerang Blog – Articles, videos and webinars on non-profit fundraising.

The Big Fundraising Ideas Blog – Fundraising tips and strategies for elementary, middle, and high-school fundraisers.

Future Fundraising Now – Insightful and unique strategies for donor-centered fundraising.

Ignited Fundraising – General fundraising tips and tools, with a side of inspiration.

Dennis Fischman – Donor cultivation and communication.

John Haydon – Online fundraising and marketing for non-profits.

Agents of Good – Fundraising communications, especially direct mail.

Network for Good Blog – Wide-ranging posts with strategies, tips, news and trends for non-profit development.

Michael Rosen Says… – Non-profit fundraising news and best practices, with a special emphasis on planned giving strategies.

Veritus Group – Ideas and tips for better major donor fundraising.

Amy Eisenstein – General fundraising strategy with a focus on major donors and annual fund development.

Bullock Consulting – Thought leadership on non-profit development.

The Classy Blog – Ideas, news and trends for non-profit fundraisers and leaders.

Critical Fundraising – Data-driven fundraising strategy and analysis from Plymouth University.

Get Fully Funded – General fundraising strategy, tips and tools.

Non-Profit Radio – Popular podcast for non-profit fundraisers.

Online Fundraising Today – Successful strategies for e-mail appeals, social media fundraising, crowdfunding and more.

Arroyo Fundraising – Smart fundraising tips for non-profits of all sizes.

The Catholic Fundraiser – Fundraising ideas and strategies for Catholic organizations.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy – The newspaper of record for non-profit fundraising and management.

Non-Profit PRO – Tactical leadership and strategy for the modern non-profit.

Capital Campaign Masters – Tools, tips and resources for running a successful capital campaign.

Concord Leadership Group – Articles and podcasts on best practices for non-profit leaders.

Hands-On Fundraising – Thoughtful strategies for fundraising planning, donor communications and more.

Garecht Fundraising Associates – Articles and tips on building donor fundraising systems to raise more money, with less hassle.

Take some time to check out each of these fantastic blogs to help your non-profit raise more money than ever before.  If you’d like to get links to the best articles from each of these sites e-mailed to you every week, be sure to sign-up for our free Weekly Fundraising Round-Up using the form below: